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Beside being a popular sport, it is a life saving skill and everyone should know the basics of how to swim and survive in the water. After all 3/4 th of the earth's surface is covered with water1 join our Dolphiners program and learn to swim.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is another sport which we can offer training to kids and know how to play a decent game and take part in your apartment or office tournaments. We conduct corporate training, workshops too in this sport so that you are aware of the basic rules of the game.


We offer basketball training at various levels from hobby, learning to being able to train to represent your school/ collage. Skills & Fundamentals training to long term-player development, we handle it all.


We provide training in Throwball at all levels of competitions. We encourage this sport to be played among all age groups. We help conduct friendly matches and also hold demonstration matches. We help in the formulation of throwball teams at corporate levels also and offer training to them to participate in tournaments. We conduct tournaments and matches for the corporate offices too.

We provide proper training for the sports to the Throwball enthusiasts and people who are passionate about the sports. We give them a good exposure by consistently putting them in sports activities and also demonstration matches.

School / College Level Kabbadi

We train kids in school & college level Kabbadi. We have conducted a number of workshops with regard to this and the good response received has encouraged us to add this to our list of sports Training.


At Airbenders Academy, we train kids in the game of Kho Kho which is an amazing and interesting game, we have some very good team of coaches who are passionate about this game which is unfortunately fast dying out. We are on a mission to revive this sport and encourage children to play the sport. We conduct matches at all levels. Mission – “Hu tu tu, the Right Way”

At Airbenders Academy, we find great pleasure in training and watching the sportsmen get training in the sports. Kho Kho is an amazing and interesting game for all the associates of our academy and we give a great emphasis in providing exceptional Kho Kho training to the students and help them achieve heights in the sports.


At AirBenders we give best Handball training to the students at our academy to help them cope up with the fast growing sports. Our trainers are elite and have a great knowledge of the sports and are always willing to give great training to the students.

Yoga For Sports

We at Airbenders believe that the ancient discipline of yoga will increase athletic performance. We have always had the best results while training our athletics by introducing yoga poses in an already existing fitness regime that we follow. We have found that our players' mental concentration has increased while some asanas have increased their strength others have improved flexibility and balance. This has also reduced the number of common injuries.

Martial arts

Martial art is an area of great interest among the students, especially the young ones. Our trainers are skilled in the arts and provide a great guidance to the students seeking Martial arts. Our programs are designed to help people become fit through the practice of Martial Arts. Providing a unique opportunity of practising in a good area, the Airbenders Academy is one of the best places to hone your martial arts skills.


We conduct training in the ABC's of athletics. Fitness training and basics of track & field are taught. Being a good athletics is the most basic requirement of any sports.

Little AirBenders programme

Sports is Fun
A unique programme designed specially for childern below 10 years!
Age groups 6 years - 10 years