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We offer a wide range of courses to the students of the academy where they can nourish their skills and enhance their abilities. The students can choose from a long list of courses and start their training.

Our programs include sports training to a wide number of people;

School & Colleges:

We offer training to students of schools and colleges for preparing them to compete in several state, national and international programs. Our trainers find it blissful to train the school & college students and always try to equip them with high level understanding of the sports.


We provide sports training to the employees of corporates and other offices. We have elaborate programs for corporate. We conduct matches and tournaments exclusively for companies. We help them pursue their passion by training them for various corporate cups.


We provide coaches for individual and/or groups for extensive sports training to the sportsmen. Our coaches are qualified and experienced in their sports, they leave no stones unturned to deliver exceptional training. We offer coaches for special events, sports enthusiasts, tournaments and competitions.

Training centre for coaches and othr officials:

As per now we are not providing training centre for coaches and other officials, We are planning for it in the future.