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Christ Academy - Begur Koppa Road

Standing left to right , Coach Jyothi (RV Law College) , CV Sunny Former Indian Men's team captain & Current Senior Men's team coach, Purushotham Sir KSBBA Official Referee and member of association, Thomas Sir Head of Physical education dept.

Coach Jyothi – “It was a great moment to meet CV Sunny Coach and Former Indian men’s team captain during the KSLU Inter- Collegiate Basketball tournament (Men) 2018-2019 held at Christ Academy Begur-Koppa road. I was at the tournament in the capacity as Coach of RVLS college Men’s team.”

Venue :- Christ Academy - Begur-Koppa Road Dated :- 06-09-2018

A day with Kaif

Role models are very important for everyone. They play a very important role in the children’s lives. Especially for young players, nothing boosts their confidence more than meeting experts and successful players in their respective fields.
There is one such player from our very own city who has made a name for himself as a good player and is currently playing for Bengaluru Beasts in the UBA league.
Kaif plays for JSC- Jayanagar Sports Club and is trained by none other than Mr Srinivas Murthy who is a well known name in the field of Basketball.
He will be here on Sunday morning at 9am to boost the confidence of the players and conduct a clinic for us. He will give us some very useful insight into the professional aspect of the game.

AirBenders Sports Academy – Children’s day celebration

Work-shop on Tai Chi
Date 12-11-2017
Tai chi, the ancient Chinese martial art, involves graceful, meditative, light, and natural movements which relaxes and stimulates every part of the body. Tai chi is especially valuable for its ability to strengthen the body. Originally developed as martial art, Tai Chi is good for balance and harmony. The session is being conducted by Teacher Meera Krishana.

12th October 2017 Sports Injury Presentation

One of the challenges we have faced in the past five years of coaching is handling of injuries. Common sports related ailments have often resulted in the parents shying away their children from continuing sports. Minor injuries are a common issue faced by kids and adults (who play to keep fit). Lack of knowledge and certain myths and more recently self medication can result in long term implications. Minor injuries if not attended by experts may lead to major ones in the future. We had a team of experts from JP Nagar Physiotherapy Center conduct a session on “How to handle sports injuries” for the benefit of the players. The session was conducted successfully and we received a lot of good reviews from the attendees.

Jp Nagar Govt school Camp 03.10.2017 to 04.10.2017

Building a team is nothing less than building a nation. We at AiBenders Sports Academy have been actively involved in building teams in the government schools. Our vision to spread and make sports opportunities available for all has got a new passion – to build teams and help the children of the government schools realise this dream.
Taking a step further in this direction we have recently started the work of building a Kabbadi team where we have got tremendous response from the children. We wish to make this facility available to all the children. with regard to this. We will continue to support the school till they are able learn the game and take part in competitions.
We conduct a series of events to keep the students engaged into productive environment and induce a number of qualities into them. Our events are organized with emphasis on the collective development of the sportsmen.

Nutrition Workshop 9th July 2017

Nutrition and Sports go hand in hand. Air Benders get an insight into what he/she should eat to become a better player.

Successful athletic performance is a combination of proper training and a sensible approach to nutrition. Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet, as it relates to athletic performance. It is a science that provides and maintains food necessary for health, growth and physical performance. Researchers suggest that athletes can benefit from nutrition a lot, which results in their best performance.

Under 14 Sports Events

Our academy is dedicated to give an exposure to the students by organizing various sports events for the young sportsmen. We organized a tournament for the under 14 students and experienced a great enthusiasm from the students and trainers part.
We conducted a 3x3 tournament for the under 14 years category boys and girls which faced a huge rush of excitement among the girls and boys. It is a common practice for us to organize such events to keep the students acquainted with the sports and its minute details.
The event was followed by a shooting competition held with other sports. The shooting was for all age groups starting from 8 years onwards. A number of shooters from all categories appeared and participated. The sportsmen also learned a good deal about their respective sports. A lot of enthusiasm was seen and all took part in the competitions with a lot of vigor and spirit.

We believe in providing the students with an environment that encourages them to improve on their relevant streams and give them a sense of collaborative growth. We conducted a very important session for the children to enlighten them in the areas of co-ordination, communication, team building and leadership.
Sports needs a person to be expressive and collaborating with the team. Our sessions focussed on giving them an exposure to the importance of team play in their relevant sports. With the help of numerous activities, we gave them a chance to understand and implement the team spirit in themselves. This gave the children a sense of team play and helped them understand mutual respect and collaboration. It is their first step towards playing in competitive sports.
The workshop was a huge success and it taught them the importance of team play to win matches.