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Ankita pens for AirBenders, it's always a sense of pride when students express their opinion

During trying times like this COVID pandemic, I'm sure everyone knows the importance and positive effects that fitness has on our physical and mental well-being. But over the lockdown, my stamina and strength have increased and I thoroughly enjoy these classes that motivate me to keep myself fit.

Aditya is a star in the making and rightly nick-named The Star-Lord!

My son Aditya (almost 8 years old now) has been a part of Airbenders since mid-2019. The basketball classes at our apt complex were instructive and a lot of fun for all the children. Jyothy and her team not only taught them the nuances of the game but also instilled in them many valuable lessons.

Anirudh, the future Indian Cricket captain has fitness levels of Virat Kholi insight as a target!

My son joined this academy around two years ago. It's been a continuous improvement in his health from then onwards and also made him lively and confident. The physical basketball sessions were not just a place for sports, its also showed the kids thr passion neede for sports. Air Bender academy is going great guns despite the pandemic pressure and keeps the students curious and energized.

Avni, the avid book reader shows us that intellectuals also need keep their physical fitness. Are you working on your physical well-being? If not start your physical fitness regime today!

Jyothi's classes have been a boon for us in these testing times. OUr daughters wolrd was all about her books and she slowly started getting lazier because she had nothing else to do. BUt ever since she joinded Jyothi's classes. We can see the improvemnet in Avni's stamina and flexibility and are excited to see Avni embracing fitness.