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Our mantra – The AirBenders Triangle Model
Precision training
Balanced nutrition
Minimized injuries
Motto – Respect, Trust & Unity

PAN- AAGTA1582R, Registration Jay-4-00462-2017-18 dated 5th Aug 2017.
DINITBA/EXM/S/12AA/2020-21 1027357979(1) DTD 26.06.2020
Provincial Approval -No:AAGTA1582RF20222 , Granted 80g certificate under IT Act vide 12 clause(iv) of first provision to sub-section (5) of section 80G from 17.01.2022 to AY 2024-2025

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AirBenders Sports Academy is dedicated to providing exceptional quality sports training to the sports enthusiasts. We are a team of sportsmen who want to make sports a way of life for the children. At AirBenders Sports Academy do believe in giving the best training, as each person who comes to learn or practice is precious to us.
At AirBenders Sports Academy, We are devoted to bringing in a change in the life of the young ones through sports.