AirBenders Sports Academy is dedicated to providing exceptional quality sports training to the sports enthusiasts. We are a team of sportsmen who want to make sports a way of life for the children. At AirBenders Sports Academy do believe in giving the best training, as each person who comes to learn or practice is precious to us.

At AirBenders Sports Academy, We are devoted to bringing in a change in the life of the young ones through sports.

  • Sports

    We introduce the students to a wide range of training where they can nourish their skills and enhance their abilities. The students can choose from a list of sports and start their training. The aim is to help children achieve their full potential by delivering high quality physical education and sports opportunities.

  • AirBenders CWSN

    The Transformative power of sports in instilling confidence while improving health & fitness is unquestionable. The idea is to help develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage & experience joy that go with sports. We are offering a simple platform for them to develop physical and mental abilities that go with sports.

  • Admissions

    We are open to admissions all year for kids who have enthusiasm for their sports. Our admission procedure is simple and quick and you do not have to stay hanging for a proper slot in the academy. Sports are a way of life at Airbenders Sports Academy. It promotes sports with vigor and enthusiasm. Incessant sports promotion

  • Programmes

    We offer a wide range of courses to the students of the academy where they can nourish their skills and enhance their abilities. The students can choose from a long list of courses and start their training. Our programs include sports training to a wide number of people School & Colleges, Corporates, Coaches and Training centres.

  • Swimming

    Beside being a popular sport, it is a life saving skill and everyone should know the basics of how to swim and survive in the water. After all 3/4 th of the earth's surface is covered with water1 join our Dolphiners program and learn to swim.

  • Basketball

    We offer basketball training at various levels from hobby, learning to being able to train to represent your school/ collage. Skills & Fundamentals training to long term-player development, we handle it all.

  • Kabbadi

    We train kids in school & college level Kabbadi. We have conducted a number of workshops with regard to this and the good response received has encouraged us to add this to our list of sports Training.

  • Yoga

    We at Airbenders believe that the ancient discipline of yoga will increase athletic performance. We have always had the best results while training our athletics by introducing yoga poses in an already existing fitness regime that we follow.

  • Martial arts

    Martial art is an area of great interest among the students, especially the young ones. Our trainers are skilled in the arts and provide a great guidance to the students seeking Martial arts. Our programs are designed to help people become fit through the practice

  • Kho-Kho

    At Airbenders Academy, we train kids in the game of Kho Kho which is an amazing and interesting game, we have some very good team of coaches who are passionate about this game which is unfortunately fast dying out. We are on a mission to revive

  • Kreeda Jyothi

    Venue: Join hands to make sports a way of life, participation by invite only, entry free, lunch will be provided for participants

    Date: 12-Nov-2022

  • Sports Injuries & Expert talk

    Venue: One of the challenges I have faced in the past five years of teaching sports to kids has been handling injuries, Minor injuries are a common issue faced by the kids

    Date: 8th Oct,2017

  • Nutrition Workshop

    Venue: Nutrition and Sports go hand in hand. Air Benders get an insight into what he/she should eat to become a better player.

    Date: 2022

  • Children’s day celebration Work-shop

    Venue: Bangalore, Karnataka

    Date: 2022

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    Anu Jibin


    Our son attends basketball training from Airbenders Sports Academy. He just loves the program. It keeps him fit and conditioned and he has developed discipline and love for the game. It is very difficult to get him to miss a practice. I have seen a huge change in his work ethic, on and off the court. It has done a great job of improving his individual skill and teamwork which he can apply to other activities as well. I believe it has been one of the best additions to our community. Having fun is part of the work. I highly recommend Airbenders to everyone. It has surpassed my expectations for a basketball and sports program. Thank you Aibenders, for your academy.

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    Bhargavi Kosigi Shroff


    When I first approached airbenders for my sons enrolment my only thing was for my son to have someplace where he could have some friends, excercise and enjoy his time. But soon I realized that it was more focussed and energetic game and the sincerity and dedication with which the coach ensures that children are taught keeping in respect their age is amazing. The way the academy ensures that their overall development in terms of their physical and emotional strength is taken care well by having several discussions with nutrition expert's involving children, yoga and other drills is highly appreciable. Thanks Jyoti , lohit , Kiran and the whole team!!!!

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    Meera Natarajan


    Air benders academy is a wonderful, friendly environment for kids to learn basket ball. The dedication and sincerity of the coach Joe , along with her team is truly noteworthy. The academy gives paramount importance to physical fitness along with the game. They also organize talks regarding nutrition /sports fitness to educate parents and kids alike. I'm proud to have my son as part of Air benders where basket ball is taught with passion and enthusiasm.

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    Sonali Birari


    My main intension for enrolling Aarav for basketball and associating with 'Air Benders' is to get him involved in physical activities, learn group and team dynamics, make friends and learn to learn. And 'Air Benders' is a perfect place to be for his age. Jyoti, Lohit, Kiran, Giridhar - all the coaches together - perfect blend of talent, commitment. Happy to be associated with 'Air Benders'